TopGear is back for its 24th season and well its got its mojo back. It’s not Clarkson, Hammond & May good but its better than previous season (To be fair thats not exactly hard).

Season 24 brings us back a 3 presenter set up with Matt Leblanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid as your main hosts, gone with is Chris Evans (thank f*ck) but also their old studio. The studio has been redesigned to give it a fresh new look.

What I’ve noticed from the 1st episode is that its much more enjoyable to watch than the previous season. Mainly because the hosts aren’t trying to be someone else. It’s just them being them.
You can still tell that it is fairly scripted but its not too bad.

The car knowledge is good but Chris Harris puts his co-hosts to shame when it comes to that. Presentation is great and the jokes are amusing. But most importantly the hosts seem to gel this time round giving you a much more enjoyable viewing experience.

On the 1st episode Harris test the ultra exclusive Ferrari LaFerrari FFXK, a guest takes their new ‘reasonable car’ round the old, yes, old, TopGear test track. And they take three 400.000+ mile cars to Kazakstan.

My final thoughts on the new series well lets just say I will be tuning in next week. Unlike last time… Last time I made a list of things I would rather do… You can read it here

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