It can be tough driving down the road these days without hitting one idiot driver or another, though with the transition to smart cars we could be at the beginning of the end of the ‘car crash’ era. That’s why it’s important to take in just how bad of drivers some people can be, while others are just plain unlucky! Here’s 5 of the craziest crashes to be caught on camera throughout history; these aren’t your average everyday fender benders here, these are very graphic and not for everyone. With that being said, here they are!

5. Le Mans 1955

It would probably be best to start off with a classic. The Le Mans 1955 disaster came about during a race in Le Mans, France. What caused the crash was a multitude of things; one driver (Mike Hawthorn) was forced to cut in front of another driver (Lance Macklin), who had to cut in front of another faster car driven by Pierre Levegh which got launched towards the crowd. The official blame is on the track itself, which wasn’t designed for the new generation of speedy cars. Debris from the crash flew off towards the spectators, killing 83 and injuring 120 more.

4. Highway to Hell

Can you imagine driving down the road when all of a sudden the vehicle in front of you just bursts into flames? This road accident occurred in Russia, and is now used as a tool to teach HAZMAT classes of how not to stow and transport pressure cylinders. Luckily no one was hurt, but that looks like something straight out of Mad Max!

3. Screaming Metal Death Trap

Another crash coming out of Russia shows us how quickly you can lose control of your vehicle in an icy situation. One driver happened to hit a patch towards the center of the road; when he goes to correct it he gets corrected a bit too much, sending him into not one, but two different semi’s. Now that’s a bad day.

2. Runaway Train

It’s funny seeing people try to speed up to beat a train. For those of you that don’t know, the locomotive portion of a train can weigh around 240 tons, and that’s usually carrying empty to full carts weighing 30 tons to 120 tons each. Now, all that weight is traveling at a fairly decent speed, and these drivers want to risk their lives? This moron in Studenka, Czech Republic tried and paid the price for it when he didn’t make it across in time. His stupid mistake cost three lives and injured around 20 others.

1. Look Both Ways

Changing lanes can be a problem for many drivers on the road, as somehow most of them don’t even know their turn signals exist! This person at least got that much right, but they definitely weren’t looking where they were going. It’s a prime example of why you should always check the lane you’re changing into before actually doing it, that’s common sense.