In 2013, AT&T released a video detailing the lives and deaths of several teenagers and young adults who died in automobile accidents. The video tells the story from the families prospective along with reconstructions by the local authorities who where at the scene. In every single accident, the driver was distracted because they were texting and using their phones. It’s heart-breaking to see that even after their loved ones are gone, the family members or friends that where texting the victim live with the guilt every day. If you haven’t seen the video already, I would highly recommend watching it and showing your friends and family. You might just save their lives or the lives of the people around them.

In the United States alone, texting accounts for 11 fatal accidents per day and over 6,000 per year. This means that texting and driving accounts for nearly 25% of all accidents across the country. Another study conducted by Car and Driver magazine concluded that texting and driving is actually more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. The average stopping distance for a drunk driver was 4 feet longer than a sober driver but shockingly that distance increased to 70 feet while the driver was sending a text message. Even with such concerning test data, a recent AAA study showed that 34% of all drivers between the ages of 16 and 17 admitted to using their phone while driving.

In most countries, it is actually illegal to text and drive but many people do it without even thinking about the consequences. In the United Kingdom for example, texting while driving is punishable with heavy fines and the possibility of having your license revoked, even if the car is stopped at a traffic light.

In conclusion, with such worrying statistics like these and thousands of families being destroyed every single year, it’s hard to imagine that ANY text message would be worth risking your life for.