Driven: Mercedes GLE Coupe

So, you want an SUV, but you want one with a sporty attitude and the looks of a coupe yet enough room to get the kids in the back. That’s a niche market you’re looking at, Luckily Mercedes has you covered with the GLE Coupe!   Before we get in to the article lets adres the elephant in the room. Yes its’s basically a BMW X6 with a star on the front, but thats for a good reason. The X6 is one of the best selling SUV’s on the market, although its looks are a bit marmite. Why wouldn’t...

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Mercedes-Maybach S600: The Definition Of Luxury.

The Maybach division at Mercedes is to luxury what the AMG division is to performance. And with the Mercedes-Maybach S600, they went all out. There is no compromise on the Mercedes-Maybach S600. When it comes to performance: it’s rocking a 6 litre twin turbo V-12 that produces a lovely 523 horsepower. However, this car isn’t about performance so the numbers are insignificant. In fact it does 0-60 mph in around 5 seconds which is hardly impressive for a V-12 with two turbos. To talk about this cars performance would be like talking about how economical the Mercedes G63 wagon...

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