Satan has come. And it’s a Lamborghini.

One day somewhere around 1960, a farmer who manufactures tractors, bought a Ferrari, he had some complains, so he took his car directly to Enzo Ferrari, who then responded “you should stick to building tractors” taking this insult hard, Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to do something. He then decided to make a supercar just like Ferrari and the rest is history.


This time in 2016 lamborghini has bought satan home. You heard us right. The all new Lamborghini Centenario is sinister, it’s evil.

Why the name “Centenario” you ask? It’s because Centenario is a homage to Ferruccio Lamborghini who would be turning 100 this year.

Centenario is a limited edition car by Lamborghini. Only 40 units will be built. 20 units in roadster form and 20 units in coupe form.

The front end of the car reminds us of the Lamborghini Veneno but more defined in most areas. If we take a look at the front again, there is a huge, yellow front splitter and the vents, these vents are actually functional and channel air over the front axle to create more downforce at higher speeds. The headlights vaguely resembles the ones from the Aventador. The yellow side skirts provide more dominate aerodynamics and also looks amazing. Above the side skirts, we see the usual Lamborghini design on the body, but more pronounced than ever before. Those large air intakes also helps the car achieve maximum downforce at higher speeds. With the help of the yellow body kit, it helps to sell off the full carbon fiber body. How crazy!


The interior looks like you’ve just stepped into a spaceship cockpit. No, seriously, it’s gorgeous. The interior of each unit will be finished on each customer’s requests and specifications. The seats are entirely made up of carbon fiber. (For weight reduction of course) the interior is covered with alcantara, and to hold it up, it is stitched in yellow, a good way to compliment the exterior yellow body kit.

It also features a 10.1” display which is basically a mini computer. How? Well, according to Lamborghini, the 10.1” infotainment system can send emails, it’s capable of internet browsing, you can use social media platforms and apple carplay is included, so you can get the most out of your iphone. Cheers to apple fanboys! It is also able to record Speed, track times, and G forces and you can compare between different trips to the track and different drivers. As an option to the buyers, they were able to specify interior cameras to record driver and passenger experience while driving. Who wouldn’t want a ride in one of those? The interior is so cool that, where you don’t see alcantara, you see carbon fiber.


The Centenrio produces 770HP which rockets the car from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. With the top speed on 217 MPH (349 kmph). This thing is unstoppable on track.

In conclusion, the Centenario is drop dead gorgeous. With it’s sleek and sinister design it’s evil. From the yellow body kit on the exterior to yellow stitching on the interior. It is beautiful.