We recently got behind the wheel of the new Mercedes-AMG GT-S, AMG’s top of the line flagship model.

The AMG GT according to Mercedes is not a direct replacement for the SLS AMG, featuring a smaller engine and less power. The car is aimed at ”lower” end sportscars in the market like the Jaguar F-Type & Porsche 911 Carrera.

Although the car is technically a super car, with its big engine in the front & rear wheel drive layout it really is more of a grand tourer. Put the suspension in comfort, gearbox in auto and you can eat up km’s like nothing else.
If you want to drive like a hoon, put it in race, turn the traction off and floor it, the car responds quick and is very nimble with an impressive amount of grip even under hard acceleration, we had trouble getting the wheels to spin.

The GT features a new 4.0L twin-turbo V8 pushing 456hp in the standard version & 510 in S spec.
For being a turbocharged block it was extremely responsive, with hardly any turbo lag.

For behing a ‘supercar’ you’re spoiled for space, the cabin is roomy & the boot is big enough for a couple of golf bags.

There aren’t really that many negatives besides the poor rear visibility and the long nose which can be annoying at times when parking.

Overall the AMG GT is a stunning extremely well balanced GT car that can can defiantly run with the thoroughbred Porsches & Jags.





AMG GTS interior

AMG GTS rear